RAC Rules


RAC Rules

The following outlines key features of the bylaw for consideration while planning your project



RAC Zone projects
can be located on the ground floor of apartment towers or
on their grounds


The maximum size of all indoor mixed uses is 1/2 of that of the tower's ground floor


Outdoor uses’ combined area can equal a maximum of half of the the total ground floor



A single business can use a maximum of 200m2


Non-commercial uses can use a maximum of 600m2

e.g. a library or community centre


Additions can equal the size of the project inside the building


RAC Zoning allows for a wide range of variation,
here are some other examples.

4 x 50m2

Four Small Businesses

2 x 100m2

Two Medium Services or Businesses

1 x 400m2

One Large Service


 Access the official bylaw, as well as maps identifying RAC Zones across the city, from the City of Toronto.

What's Possible

What's Possible

The following list of services and businesses can operate in RAC Zones:

  • Art gallery
  • Artist studio
  • ATM / Bank
  • Member’s club 
  • Cogeneration 
  • Community centre 
  • Crisis care shelter 
  • Custom workshop 
  • Day nursery 
  • Education uses 
  • Financial institution 
  • Group home 
  • Home occupation 
  • Library *
  • Market garden
  • Medical office
  • Municipal shelter 
  • Nursing home 
  • Office 
  • Outdoor sales*
  • Performing arts studio 
  • Personal service shop
  • Pet services
  • Place of worship 
  • Production studio 
  • Private home daycare 
  • Public utility 
  • Recreation uses 
  • Religious 
  • Renewable energy
  • Residential care 
  • Respite care facility 
  • Restaurant *
  • Retail store *
  • Retail service 
  • Retirement home 
  • Rooming house 
  • Secondary suite 
  • Seniors community 
  • Service shop 
  • Take-out eating* 
  • Transportation use 
  • Veterinary hospital

*highlighted examples are illustrated above

Local & International Examples

Local & International Examples


Around the world, people are making apartment tower living more vibrant by opening up the ground level to different uses and by activating the apartment's  grounds. The following are examples from Toronto and beyond that start to demonstrate possibilities.